The key to unlocking your natural state of joy is power, that is knowing that you are a powerful and power-filled person in your life.

The term power or to be empowered, can be confusing when you’re stuck in an egoic state of mind.

From the ego’s perspective, power is “power over” someone or something else. For example, the power that the State has over individuals to incarcerate them. The belief that wealthy people have more power than poor people. Even the belief that you should have the power to conquer your fears, all have roots in ego.

The kind of power I’m talking about is an internal sense of self, that you’re okay even though someday the body will die; that you belong, even if the prevailing cultural attitude says otherwise, because you are a child of God/Spirit; that Life is for you even when terrible things happen.This is the kind of power that no one can take away from you.

In this week’s prayer, we look at understanding what keeps us from feeling powerful and get aligned with the ultimate power of the Universe. I’d love to hear from you. So please leave your comments.

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Photo by Kieran Osborn on Unsplash