What Others Are Saying

Testimonials & Tid Bits

Most of these are spontaneous emails, texts, and notes that my students and
clients have sent about our private work together, class work, and even
newsletter articles that I’ve written. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to
know such amazingly wonderful people.

Dear Krista,
I wanted to Thank you so very much for helping me talk and process through
some of my issues and roadblocks, when we met last week. Vic asked me if you
are a Therapist. He said I always seem lighter and more upbeat after I meet with
you. I told him we did some work on my energy.
Thank you again—you are a Godsend!
Ann A.

Hello Krista,
You are just phenomenal!! Our session was another amazing one!! I loved it!! :-))
Thank you for your wonderful work on me!! xoxoxo
Sabine S.

Good Morning Krista,

I tried some of the techniques we discussed at my job and they work, so I can’t wait to talk to you about more meditation exercises that I could do at my stressful job!


Thank you, dear Krista! You are loved! I am so delighted to be a part of your absolutely wonderful meditation classes again.  And look forward to Wednesday always. Enjoy your Sunday.
Elizabeth M.

Krista…every bit of this message, every word, every feeling within what you wrote, is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for touching my heart today!



Hi Krista,

Thank you so much.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!  That was beautiful!  I have really enjoyed your classes.  I love meditation.  I am so grateful that Roland introduced me to your class.  It is something we really enjoy doing together.  I also meditated at a Buddhist center in Toronto when I lived there.  It is not new to me.  We also practice this outside of your class.  See you in April.

Thanks again,


Krista, first and foremost, thank you for providing me with this spiritual or should I say this journey into my soul at this time in my life. Taking your class gave me the most profound experience ever… I am looking forward to experiencing more of the meditation and soul journeying with you in the future. Please keep me informed of your other upcoming sessions.

With much joy, peace, love and harmony always,



Hi Love! Thanks again for your beautiful classes.
I found myself speechless when I went to say goodbye to you on Wednesday. You were luminous, and I was happily awestruck!

You are such a beautiful soul, and you have helped me so much. Your next session begins the night before I leave for Italy (woohoo, I’m going by myself), but I’ll try to make the first class, and will attend when I return.

Big, big love to you,

Claudia K.

Hi Krista,

The first class was awesome and I cannot wait until the next!

My company is going through some big, not so pleasant changes this week and so this work is so timely.

Grateful to you and for the opportunity to learn and deepen my meditation and spiritual practice.

Have a blessed day!


Claudia F.

The whole series was great. Last nite it gave me perfect insight into feeling powerless. Thanks, your a light on all our paths. And I recommend making the boat to go down stream very comfortable. Ex. cushions, backrest and awning. Have a blessed summer.


Mimi R.

Dear Krista,

Thank so much for your special meditation classes.

You have created an important tool in my quest along the spiritual journey!

Many thanks,


Hi Krista
I did not get a chance to thank you for another great class.  I think this is the 4th series I have taken with you and this particular series was the best. Probably because I have taken so many prior and I am now really starting to get it and get into it.  You are such an inspiration. Your knowledge, teaching style and enthusiasm make the class fun and meaningful. So thank you again you are fabulous!

And from a very personal level thank you for your personal insights and support.  I have had many aha moments from our conversations.  I have been diligently journaling and answering the questions from your worksheets.  Digging deep to really discover and work on what I want and my beliefs.

Thanks again for everything!

Roxanne H.

I keep your teachings in my daily life, and I was so fearful of failing but I talked myself out of the panic and then I just got your video and I thought “perfect timing”


Shereen L.

Dear Krista,

Your message truly hit home this morning. Every time I read it, it brings a sense of peace and reassurance that all is well and that I am on the right path.

I am so grateful you sent this inspiring message. Perfect timing too 😉

Thanks Krista.




I am so excited to be part of your class.  I learned so many new tools already that are already improving my life.  Thank you, I feel blessed and relieved right now.  Oh, love the book!

Thank you, Krista, for being the wonderful teacher that you are. I love how you said at the very beginning of the class series, that we had to “experience” these lessons, not just read about them. I truly am taking those words to heart, and feeling the difference.

I hope to see you in the fall if the schedule works for me. Have a wonderful summer with your family.


Annie J.

Your classes were so good for me.  I do the alternate nostril breathing in bed at night and before I get out of bed in the morning.  I find I’m more mindful of what I am doing now.  Although I’ve been meditating for over 35 years, after taking your classes my meditation is so much deeper.  I’m also sleeping better because of the relaxation techniques that you taught us.  I have taken meditation classes from many teachers, but none compare with you.

Thank you,

Orma H.

Hi Krista,

Thank You for having a great mediation class each week…You are a gift to all of us…I love all the lessons each week..I am learning a lot about myself and loving all your insight…Thank You!!

Sylvia M.