My Story

Hi there,

I really don’t like talking about myself. I’m sure you can relate.

However, I know that when you’re first getting to know someone, hearing their story helps to create a connection. It also helps you decide if whether or not this is a person that you can trust with your story.

So friend, I imagine the two of us sitting together outside of a quiet coffee shop on a beautiful tree-lined street and you say something like, “What nationality are you? Where are you from?” No need to be politically correct, I get this question A LOT! And honestly, I love it because it’s gives me a chance to talk about my family and tell you how I found JoyCode.

My father is Afro-Guyanese and immigrated to the United States in the late sixties and my mother is white and grew up in Grants Pass Oregon.

When I asked how he and mom met, he would say, “The first time I saw your mother was at a UCLA party. She was so pretty, and looked so out of place. I knew I was going to marry her.”

My mother’s story about how they first met was a bit different. She says that they met at a friend’s house party. She was dating my dad’s roommate and met him through her then boyfriend. When mom would tell her version of the story, dad would always say, “All is fair in love and war.”

My parents were married for forty-six years, until mom passed away suddenly in 2014, just after her 64th birthday. When going through her belongings, we found two birthday cards from my dad. One was funny and the other said, “Marilyn, After all these years, you’re still the one. Love, Roger.”

I was married for sixteen years, when I filed for divorce in 2014, just months before mom died. It was a painful and transformative year. I had so many guilty feelings. I felt guilty about the divorce and imagined that I’d somehow brought on the calamity of my mother’s accident because I broke the rules of our family tribe. It was a devastating time for everyone, including my two daughters. But humans are resilient, and as of this writing, we are all thriving. 

One of the foundations of unlocking your joy is to know that life can be painful. Equally as important however, is to know that there is a difference between the experience of pain and the perpetuation of suffering. All humans will have physical, mental, and emotional pain at many points in their lives. The problem is when a person allows the painful experience to define who they are; to rewrite their story in a way that produces a continuous cycle of pain, this is suffering.

JoyCode is a process to help people connect with their Original Self for the purpose of expanded creativity. This is important because when a person is suffering, they are playing a story in their heads over and over again, and creativity is what’s needed to get out of that loop.

There are many, many tools and processes, not just the ones in JoyCode. Meaning, while JoyCode can help a person open to more creativity, freedom, and joy, a person should feel free to play with whatever else comes to mind. It’s connecting with Source through personal creativity! What could create more freedom than that?


So, I think I’ve talked enough about myself. What’s your story?

September 6, 2020 



Should you decide to take a few classes with me, please know that  while I have a lot of experience helping people to find a deep state of relaxation and insight, I am not a licensed therapist, and my services are not for people who want to replace their therapy or medical care with my program or classes. I encourage anyone who is already seeing a therapist or medical professional to continue to do so while working with me.