[Video at bottom of post] What’s bothering you? What are you carrying around in your heart and mind that distracts you from your purpose?

In today’s meditation class, we discuss why it’s important to set an intention regarding meditation, how to handle pesky, distracting thoughts, and then practice a deep progressive relaxation.

We also touch on the energetics of relationships, specifically power struggles.
Every relationship you’re in, with your boss, your spouse, your community has what I call an “energy body”.

The energy body of the relationship is like a womb that when balanced will protect, nourish, and sustain the relationship, yet the health of the energy body is dependent on the health of the individuals in the relationship.

When you are in a struggle for power and dominance, you are in a state of competition.
When you are right, your energy surges, drawing psychological energy from the other person. When he is wrong, he gives up his energy and feels small.

This is a toxic dynamic which unfortunately, is the state of most relationships.
Learning to recognize when you’re in a power struggle, and learning to step out it, will bring health and vitality back to you personally and will energize even your most difficult relationships.

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