When I was about five years old, my family moved from our West Covina apartment complex to small yellow stucco house surrounded by a chain link fence in Lawndale, California. The house had two bedrooms and a wall heater that I’d sometimes curl up next to when I was cold.  On Saturdays, my mother would lay on our moss colored sofa and read and tell me to go outside and play in the yard.

There I’d climb our magnolia trees, pretend that mud pies magically turned into apple pies after they were placed in the oven and that an entire village of little people lived underneath our house and brownies lived in between the tall blades of grass. At night, I’d dream about flying through a jasmine scented sky. I’d circle the neighborhood and sometimes go to the moon or fly across the ocean to visit the Eiffel Tower. There was no separation between my waking reality and my imagination, and there still isn’t.

You and I inhabit a magical universe that comprises two worlds, the material world and the spiritual world. This awareness of the magical nature of our universe has kept me happy and sane.

By inhabiting both worlds simultaneously I have access to vast stores of creativity, comfort, fun, insight, and a lifeline that helps me solve “real world” problems for myself and others.

Everyone has access to both worlds, but most humans don’t believe that the spiritual world is real. Instead, they trudge along through traffic, working in jobs they hate, and have tremendous difficulty relating to one another. Love, creativity, and joy eludes them.

This spiritual world is the place of the Higher Self, Spirit, your angels, ancestors, and guides. It’s where you have access to Universal Mind and creative problem solving. This spiritual world interpenetrates the world of material reality. It is not a place of “make believe” although imagination is one of the keys to unlocking its magic.

I do not advocate one world over the other. You need to work, eat, make money, raise children, and so on. However, the spiritual world is often romanticized as space where there are no trials and tribulations which adds to the problem that it isn’t real.

When you look at the spiritual world from the perspective that it is the perfect world, and the material world is profane and imperfect, then the spiritual becomes an escape from “reality” rather than an incredible resource and well spring of creative wellbeing.

Anyway, escaping reality defeats the purpose of being here and I believe that the bigger part of you and myself, or what’s called The Higher Self, has chosen to be here.

Would you like to know why your Higher Self has chosen this lifetime? Or maybe you have another burning question like, “What can I do to be happy?” Then ask it. It’s that simple. But be aware that the answer you get will be based on how you ask the question, how eager you are to know the truth, and how well you are at deciphering signs and symbols.

To work with the Higher Self, you must learn to inhabit both worlds, engage with your imagination, and trust your intuition. All things that you already have but may be dormant.

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