I sat on the floor next to my bed, gazing out of the glass French doors that opened to the balcony. My bedroom was on the second floor and there was a beautiful Maple tree is just a few feet from the house. Full and green, I often felt as if I were in my own private tree-house.

One afternoon while the girls were out with their dad, I sat there, staring at my tree after a long meditation practice. I was upset with myself because I couldn’t get rid of my miserable ego. I had been studying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and no matter what I did, I couldn’t stop thinking all the time and worse, I couldn’t slip in the sea of bliss that he and other spiritual teachers had written about.

In my mind’s eye, a woman suddenly appeared. I could feel the force of her but could only see the white scarf that covered her head. The rest of her was blurred like looking at a photograph of someone who moved just before the shot was taken. Spirit guides always appear to me this way, blurry and fragmented. However, I instantly knew who she was, Mary. She said, “Religion was created by men and describes a man’s spirituality. You will find another way.”

That visitation happened about fifteen years ago, but I recall it and the message frequently. I believe that I’d been given permission to seek enlightenment in my own way and was released from the obligations of what I “should” be doing. Since that time, I’ve learned to trust that Life is my teacher, and It has a plan and a direction for me to follow. When I let go, I find bliss, ease and joy. When I resist, my life gets complicated.

Recently, I found confirmation of the importance of these kinds of visitations in Jean Houston’s book, “The Mythic Life.” She writes about her own and other prolific artists’ and philosophers’ experiences with what she calls an archetypal ally,

“I myself have always had the sense of the nearness of an archetypal ally. Indeed, I doubt that I could have accomplished a fraction of what I have done without this sense of partnership…She is an Athenalike being who grants me impetus when I am tired, who fills me with the passion for the possible, even when I am aware of little passion within myself, and who, above all, presents me with a suitcase full of unique and wonderful knowings, which will require more than one lifetime to unpack.”

I know that we all have spirit ally’s and guides to help us, but they are also here to inspire us. This mystical relationship helps to plant us firmly in a life that is bigger than what we can possibly see with our human eyes or know with our human minds or feel with our human hearts. I believe that this partnering is essential to a life that is balance and fulfilling.

My life’s work is to help my brothers and sisters find personal empowerment through partnership with Spirit and the many forms She takes for the purpose of living a life that is joyful but also interesting and fun.

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