OMG! I think this is one of my favorite classes so far (if I do say so myself:))

Spirit really showed up for us today, helping to heal our fears and anxieties, and opening us up to the LOVE we deserve.

We read from chapter 16 of “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav.

What is purpose?

“Each soul comes to the Earth with gifts. A soul does not incarnate only to heal and to balance its energy, to pay its karmic debts, but also to contribute its specialness in specific ways. Each soul brings the particular configuration of the Life force that is is to the needs of the Earth school. It does this with purpose and intention.” (pg. 234)

Oh yes, you were created on purpose and for a purpose.

How do you know if you’re aligned with your purpose?

“When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, when your activities and actions become gratifying and purposeful, when what you do serves both yourself and others, when you do not tire within but seek the sweet satisfaction of your life and your work, you are doing what you were meant to be doing. The personality that is engaged with the work of its soul is buoyant.” (pg. 236)