Do you catch yourself mentally going over the argument you just had with your spouse or co-worker over and over again? You replay every word, gesture, and facial expression saying things to yourself that you WISH you had said only to feel angry with yourself for having not said them. In fact, replaying the argument causes you to feel the feelings you had during the argument, maybe even intensifying them.

Do you know what you’re doing?

You’re daydreaming! And from your daydreams, you make your reality.Oh, yes! Those stories you toss around in the playground of your mind don’t just stay put, they spill over into every aspect of your waking reality. When used correctly, it becomes your secret superpower!

Your health, finances, relationships, career, everything is a direct reflection of the stories you play in your mind.

Why is Daydreaming so Powerful? Because your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions create your day-to-day reality; and the process of daydreaming colors your thoughts with your imagination and infuses them with emotional power.

This emotional power causes you to act (unconsciously) on your daydreams thereby co-creating with the Universe (which is a big “yes” machine) the outcome.  This affects you on a spiritual, practical, and even cellular level.

Let’s Get Physical

Your body is always now, so whatever you’re thinking about it believes is actually happening…now. That’s why when you’re thinking angry, sad, or disempowering thoughts your body releases stress hormones. Doesn’t matter if the situation is just in your head, your body believes it is happening now.

Can you imagine what happens when you bathe the cells of body in a negative mental, emotional, and physical environment? There is overwhelming evidence about how your state of mind affects your health (citation).

The good news is that opposite is also true. When you are thinking or dreaming happy thoughts, it releases serotonin and other feel good hormones, bathing your cells in joy, light, and vitality.

Let’s Get Practical

What do you think your state of mind is like after you have been daydreaming about telling off your spouse, sibling, or boss all day? How friendly do you think you’re going to be next time you see him or her? How cooperative, compassionate, open, and loving will you be?

You’re not fooling anyone, the story you imagine is written in your energy, and the people in your life pick up the vibration of your thoughts and feelings, even if they’re not consciously aware of it.

I had a friend who would complain that her husband didn’t care about her feelings; he was cold and indifferent. Wanting to work on himself and the marriage, he started therapy and when he would try to be kind, she would say, “Why should I forgive him and make it easy?”

The years of drama and resentment continued to play in her mind, keeping her from living a new day with the man that she loved. In other words, she continued to play out the dysfunction in her mind and in her marriage although he was willing to give her what she had been asking for.

Let’s Get Spiritual

Where are you when you’re not being present? You are unconsciously lost in thoughts and feelings, daydreaming each new day into being. Usually you will daydream the same reality into being over and over again. Haven’t you noticed that you have the same kinds of issues year after year?

Wouldn’t you like to break that cycle?

You can by using the power of daydreaming to create your life exactly the way you want it. Everything in your life TODAY is the result of your thinking, feeling, and unconscious beliefs and actions. Everything!

So this week ask yourself, “What am I dreaming into being?” Look around you, are you satisfied with your job, relationships, financial situation? If so, then dream on! If not, then you have the power to transform the life you have into the life of your dreams.

Photo Credit: Harli Marten