I have a formula for when bad things happen.

First, I have what I call, “The 5-minute freak-out”. Yep, when you have an unexpected bill, you’ve lost the big account, there’s been an accident, or another major disappointment, then you need to give yourself space to feel your feelings.

However, feeling your feelings doesn’t mean that you react from them. In other words, don’t send the email, don’t give that person “a piece of your mind,” and god forbid you text something. I promise, you will regret it.

After the “freak-out,” you start affirming your good. All the good that is in your life and coming. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but if you want miracles to pour into your life you must be open to receiving them. And here’s the thing, fear, angst, anger, distress, close you off from the Abundance of Spirit.

In this video, we’re reading from “Open Your Mind to Receive” by Catherine Ponder. In it, Spirit has a message especially for you. Join me!