The Law of Attraction simply states that whatever you think about consistently you experience, so if you don’t like your life’s experiences then change your thinking.

This concept is very easy to understand, but the human being is a complex animal.  We are not just a thinking body, we have an emotional body, we have a past, we have genetics which affects our temperament, we have repetitive and ingrained habits, we live with aging (ungrateful) parents, we have (ungrateful) children, (outrageous) college tuition, and so on…

However, implied in The Law of Attraction is the belief that YOU are not all of these things YOU are something infinitely greater than just your thoughts, your feelings, your temperament, and your experiences… and when you recognize a pattern of thought that does not feel good, you tap into that Source that is YOU and that Source is all powerful. So, Law of Attraction is a philosophy that puts your ultimate well-being in your own hands.

Ester Hicks channels a collective energy called Abraham, so it’s not just “she” that is speaking but “they” that are speaking.  I like to think of “Abraham” as having an advanced masters degree in the field of Law of Attraction and Ester has a highly skilled teaching assistant.

Many of us are new to this idea of “channeling” and perhaps the concept is a little weird (I know it gives my dad a bit of the hebi-jeebies),  but try and reserve your judgments for after you’ve read the article above and perhaps done some research on your own.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Photo Credit: Nick Herasimenka