Most people believe meditation means that they have to train themselves to stop thinking.  But there isn’t anything wrong with thinking.  The problem is the unconscious actions that arise from your unconscious thinking (and feeling).

The goal of meditation is to develop the skill of watching.

Watching your thinking and your emotions create a space between the thoughts/feelings and the actions that arise from your thoughts/feelings.

For example: You are at the grocery store and the person in front of you not only has a thousand coupons but is happily chatting away with the cashier.  You have two items, a gallon of milk and a plant,  and you are tired from a long day at work.  You think, “Oh for god’s sake.  What is this persons problem. I can’t believe this…” and so on.  You feel yourself becoming angry.  All of a sudden you become acutely aware of your thoughts and your feelings.  Rather than call for the manager, you begin to deepen your breathing.  You are able to calm yourself. Without the skill of watching your thoughts and feelings, you may have lashed out, or taken your irritation home with you starting an argument with your partner.

Try This:

During meditation give yourself permission to think.

Relax and allow your thoughts and feelings to arise. Don’t fight with them.

Focus instead on keeping your face and body relaxed and your breath calm.

Just Breathe…

Photo Credit: bady qb