Every moment of everyday our internal guidance system, i.e. our intuition, is at work directing each of us towards experiencing and expressing our highest good.

Unfortunately, most of us second guess our intuitive impulses, mulling the various outcomes around in our heads for hours or even days in search of the right answer.

We mistrust our intuition, not because we don’t feel it, but because we have forgotten that everything we need for our desire to manifest is contained within the desire.

Instead we debate all of the pros and cons and loose time, energy and focus. More importantly we loose touch with the initial flame of our desire thus extinguishing it with our deliberation.

The habit of “second guessing” arises from our preoccupation with the outcome. Part of being here is to experience what happens along the way when we follow the spark of our desires.

Try This: When cooking dinner or getting dressed for work, follow your initial desire. In other words, if you have the desire to put cinnamon in the chili, try it. If you have the desire to wear a red tie or blouse to work, then do it.

Throughout your day, notice how often you stop to “deliberate” even the smallest desire and ask yourself, “Am I second guessing?” Then go back to the initial feeling of desire (if you can remember it) and follow it through. But Be Forewarned! There is a difference between being compulsive and being intuitive. I trust you’ll know the difference.

You never know when a small spark of desire to wear a red tie will turn into and even greater inspiration, or if simply wearing it makes you feel good that day.

Say this with me: “I hear, I trust, and I respond to my internal guidance system. It serves me well.”

P.S. Read, “The Alchemist,” by Paul Coelho. Find out what happens to a young man when he follows the spark of his desires.

Photo Credit: Quentin Dr