I opened the book randomly and my eyes fell to this passage,

A victim of the cancerous disease of egotism, he failed to realize that wealth always comes as a result of the commonwealth. He talked as though he could plow the fields and build the barns alone. He failed to realize that he was an heir of a vast treasury of ideas and labor to which both the living and the dead had contributed. When an individual or a nation overlooks this interdependence, we find tragic foolishness, (Strength to Love, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr)

Of course, this brought to my mind the tragic circumstance of the government shutdown. And who and what I blame is the “ego”, pure and simple.

Ego, is separation from the indwelling Divine Presence. The further you are separated, the more ego you have, and the more ego you have the more likely you are to do harm to yourself and others.

This shut down, along with all economic injustices, including poverty, are outgrowths of our collective ego. But there is something you and I can do to bring about an end to this injustice and that is to simply “know the truth.”

This doesn’t mean that we don’t take action, but our action must be divinely inspired otherwise we will add to the problem.

Watch today’s video to learn more about the ego and what it means to “know the truth.”

Sending you oodles of love.