I’m sure you’ve heard the horrific news…and it doesn’t matter what day it is, there’s always something. But some days, the horribleness is just too much to bear. So what can one person do?

Since the beginning of time bad things have happened to good people, to children, to mothers, and grandfathers. It’s part of life.

But something miraculous has always been happening alongside the tragedies… good people, regular people like you have moved beyond their despair to reach out to those who are suffering. Some people send money, some give comfort with kind words and maybe a casserole, and some pray…all of it is good, all of it is healing.

You are a human being living in a sometimes inhuman world. This is the truth. But you are also a Spiritual Being with the power to feel the suffering of others and to provide solace.

Thank you for being here.

May all sentient beings everywhere be safe.

Photo Credit: Dillon Winspear