Usually when people speak of oneness and unity what they are really talking about is sameness.

Look for the sameness and that’s where you will find the oneness. But is it true that that sameness leads to Oneness?

Sameness is safe. Sameness means that you are just like me, that you love just like me, digest just like me, that you are human just like me.

Looking for sameness means that I don’t really have to look beyond my own self concepts to find you.

People are afraid to disagree with each other especially when it comes to “important” matters like religion, politics, or raising children because they believe that have to agree in order to be friends. When we agree then we are the same.

But where there is agreement there is no growth. Where there is sameness there is no God in multiplicity.

As a culture we need to learn the art of allowing disagreement and difference.

As long as we listen to one another, disagreements are beautiful. In fact, one of the most powerful phrases in the human language is, “I hear you.” The other is, “I see you.”

I love to hold the energy of allowing people to be themselves, to have their own thoughts and opinions. I love not wanting to change anyone. I love it when I can love people just as they are. When I am doing that, oneness doesn’t matter.

Photo Credit: Chris Lawton