Sit in a comfortable position.  Lightly, close your eyes, open and close your mouth to relax your jaw, and move your shoulders away from your ears. Breathe.  When you become aware that you are thinking, move your attention back into the body. Breathe. This is meditation.

You are at work and a colleague is speaking to you. Breathe. While she is still speaking, you notice that you are thinking about the next thing you want to say.  Let the conversation in your head go and come back into your body. Breathe.  This is meditation.

You are at home and you are angry with your teenage child.  Breathe. You notice the sensation of anger in your belly.  Your face, neck, and shoulders are tense.  You do not have to let go of the anger.  Just Breathe.  Come back to your body, consciously relax the face, and move the shoulders away from the ears.  Breathe.  This is meditation.

Shanti, Shalom, Salaam, Peace

Photo Credit: Jesse Bowser