Nature is cyclical.  She demonstrates the natural law of cycles through the movement of the seasons, that is,  gestation (Winter), birth (Spring), growth (Summer), and death/change (Fall).

There is a hidden force that propels and perpetuates this movement.  We can see Its effects, and if we are sensitive, we can feel Its movement within and around us.  In the East this force is called Karma.

Karma means action in Saskrit, not just physical action, but the intention or the belief behind your action.  Thoughts, feelings, and doing all grow out of your primordial action or  intent.

Actions leave behind seeds, seeds that will germinate, be born, grow, and eventually “die” leaving more seeds in your consciousness.  For example, I give my daughter a kiss and a long hug because I want to express my love for her. Giving affection is the action resulting from my intention to express love. She is a pre-teen, so when she responds in kind the love I feel multiplies immediately and when she is sullen, I comfort myself by knowing that the action will return to me at a later time and in a later form, like snuggling on the couch while watching a favorite TV show.

Although the action finished or “died” with the long hug, the act left seeds of love in my consciousness, seeds that can germinate and grow only if I continue to act from love. If however, I decided to withhold affection from her in the future because her response was not what I expected, then the seeds of love will not germinate and grow within my consciousness.  As a consequence there would not be snuggles, hugs, and unexpected kisses in the future. Do you see the cycle?

Karma is unfailing, a law unto itself, it just is. So if you want to experience more love in your life then you must act from love.

This week be very mindful about what you are thinking because your thoughts are manifestations of your primordial actions (intentions).  When you catch yourself thinking negatively, ask yourself, “Is this the seed I want to germinate and grow in my experience?”  If not, then move your attention to a thought or image that you do want to experience.  Better yet, do something with the intention of planting seeds of love.  Pray instead of criticize, do a random act of kindness every week, give something of yourself everyday, meditate.

Photo Credit: Evan Kirby