My dad had a relapse yesterday. Severe sciatica.  Extremely painful and demoralizing.

When I left his place last night, I promised to come back in the morning and make breakfast for him and my Aunt Heather (she’s staying with him right now), thick salty bacon and scrambled eggs.

Today, I awoke to sunshine and decided that I would walk the two miles to his home. So, I packed my backpack with supplies and was off.

As I started on my journey, I could smell something sweet and blooming. I passed runners who nodded and smiled in my direction. My Audible book, “The Man on the Mountaintop,” was a perfect companion.

Spirit was everywhere present.

My heart was expansive, filled with the light joy and then, I thought of you.

I wanted to share this moment with you, and more importantly share with you my secret to maintaining joy even when those around you are in pain and you’re at your wits end with too much to do and not enough time.

The secret is committing to doing at least one thing each day for pure pleasure. Whatever it is, it must be simple. Today, my simple pleasure was my walk.

Yesterday, my simple pleasure was to have ONE peanut butter cup.

The day before that, I decided to cook dinner and dance in the kitchen.

The day before that, I asked Mark to turn on the outdoor heater and we sat outside on the porch, had a glass of wine and talked.

Simple pleasures are not routines, the routine is the commitment to having a simple pleasure each day.

As you contemplate your simple pleasure for the day, and before you choose what your simple pleasure will be, keep in mind that it must be done mindfully and selfishly. Say to yourself, “This is just for me, not for anyone else, just me.”

Happy Sunday!