Live your passion and you’ll always have money in your pocket!”  That’s what I told my youngest daughter the other night while I was tucking her into bed.

Passion is a strange conversation to have with an almost seven year old at bedtime, but she’s searching for a way to express her unique, and I think audacious, point of view about life.  “We’ll go see Jerry at the Gymnastics studio on Saturday and take a cheerleading class,” I said.  She is really excited.

Passion is a gift. Passion tells us why we’re here and what we’ve come to share and to express with the people around us.  Passion doesn’t have to be about something big.  We can be passionate about flowers, or sunny days, or reptiles.  What’s most important is that we are able to express that passion with enthusiasm and then share it with others.  Passion is a great, good thing.

If you don’t know what your passion is then ask yourself, “If I had 20 million dollars, what would I buy and how would I live?”  Take your time and really let the answer come from within, let the answer fill your heart, let it create an energy within you.

But what if the answer both exhilarates you and makes you sad?  What if your answer is to buy a sail boat and sail around the world…but you remember the kids, and being the president of the PTA, and making sure mother takes her medications, etc…What if sailing around the world is too impractical?  Well, what about just taking sailing lessons and taking your mother and your kids with you.  Yes you can find a creative way to make your passion work for you right now.

How much is your passion worth to you?  If you are always finding excuses why you can’t live your passion then maybe being happy, I mean really happy, isn’t worth that much to you.  Or, maybe that “thing” you dream about is just a fantasy and not a passion.  If that’s true, then ask yourself again, meditate on it, contemplate what would bring you the most joy in this moment, and invite passion into your life today!

With Love,

Photo Credit: Anunay Mahajan