Hello and Happy New Year!

What! How can we think of a happy new year when bad news is all around us? Recession, people losing their jobs and their homes, tax returns are delayed because California is broke, the Taliban is back in charge in Afghanistan, and so on. But communities are not things in and of themselves.  A community is a collection of individuals and the energy or mindset of the community is determined by the individual consciousness of everyone in it.

Our thoughts are sneaky.  We may believe that we are thinking positively, that we are in charge of our thoughts, but the truth is, is that our thoughts are in charge of us most of the time.  For example, how often do you think about what you do not want, or how much you dislike your work, or your neighbor, or how much debt you have?  How often do you complain, criticize, judge, become defensive, or compare yourself to others?  How often does it happen that when you see a beautiful or wealthy person you think that their beauty is fake and their wealth undeserved?

To find peace in our body/mind and community we must rest our conscious awareness in the truth:   that because we are alive, and there is breath in our bodies, we have the awesome power of choice.

Watch your thoughts closely this week, notice the thoughts that make you feel anxious, stressed, and fearful.  If necessary, take a mental health break and go on a news fast for the week.  Put off talking to your friend that likes to complain about everything for a few days.

When you change the way you think and feel about your life, the conditions of your life will follow.  We have been deluded into believing that in order to be happy, to realize health, wealth and wellbeing the conditions of our lives must change first, not so.  But only you can change the way you think and feel about your life.  This isn’t about “the power of positive thinking,” this is about affirming the truth that you are the beloved of the Universe, that you possess the awesome power of thought, and that you have the free will to choose and to create freely in your experience.

Know the truth and the truth will set you free!

Photo Credit: Gabriel Encev