Everything begins with the breath.

Shallow breathing is an indication of stress.  Shallow breathing makes the spine rigid, the belly hard, and the face stern.  Shallow breathing is a confirmation that life is difficult and puts you in a state of mind that is resistant to Life. Your mantra is “No.”

When you breathe deeply, the spine is fluid, the eyes are clear, and the voice is melodious.  The belly becomes soft and life becomes softer. When you breathe deeply, your attitude aligns with the attitude of the Universe; “yes” is your mantra.

A deep conscious breath can change everything.  Done repeatedly, it will lower your blood pressure, improve your memory, release you from the burden of your past, and transform an enemy into a friend.

Do this:  Take a deep conscious breath all the way down to your toes and sigh it out.  Let the shoulders drop away from the bottoms of your ears.  Relax your forehead and your jaw.  Repeat the process, except this time close the mouth and exhale through the nose. Repeat.

Photo Credit: Natalia Figueredo