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As of this writing the planet is in deep chaos. You may be having personal chaos too that has nothing to do with the state of the nation. In this class Spirit shows you how to:

  • Do a quick centering and release
  • Why despair feeds “the enemy”
  • What you can do to bring in peace, prosperity, love, and abundance into the personal and collective experience.

My notes for class prep include:

  • How visualization attracts new resources
  • The power of spiritual community and why community is important to your personal growth and peace on this planet
  • That’s really going on when visualization and manifesting isn’t working
  • Defining and recognizing “the enemy”

Partial Reading from “The Seat of the Soul”

Our species is no longer humble. It has no reverence. It is arrogant and filled with its own technology. It seduces itself constantly in terms of its illusions that it is in control, and so it creates chaos and still refuses to see that it is impossible for it to control. We take from the Earth and from each other. We destroy forests and oceans and atmosphere. We enslave each other, and torture and beat and humiliate and murder each other. 


When the archetype of spiritual partnership–of individuals joined in equality for the purpose of spiritual growth–emerges at the level of community, it creates values and perception’s at the level that reflect those of the multisensory [spiritual] personality…

…The perception of power as external that separates nations is the same that exists between individuals; and the love, clarity and compassion that emerge within the individual that chooses consciously to align itself with its soul is the same that will bring sexes, races, nations, and neighbors into harmony with each other. There is no other way. (pp163-165)

Other important themes:

>>We are interdependent beings, that the illusion that you are alone and that you have to do everything on your own is a myth.

>>YOUR ATTENTION is the most POWERFUL COMMODITY ON EARTH. Nation states, marketing company’s, the world wants your attention. But Spirit wants to remind you that you can take back your power and own your attention. By doing this you become a formidable force in the balancing of your personal life and the life of others on this planet.


We are reading from “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. Today’s excerpt was from the chapter on Relationships. My intention is for us to work with the teachings from this book for another week or two, so it’s up to you on whether or not you wish to purchase it.

You can watch the replay below. I put the link to the book below as well.

If you have any questions or comments, or if there is a topic you’d like covered in upcoming classes please email me at Krista@myjoycode.com.

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