I have about 10 or so decks of cards that I use for self-inquiry. I love them because they spark the imagination, helping you to cross the bridge from consensus reality into a the deeper reality within. “The Journey of Love” oracle cards are one of my favorites. They are gorgeousand I use them nearly everyday.

Here’s how:

  1. After meditation, when I’m centered, I shuffle the cards and fan them out before me.
  2. I ask aloud, “What can I expect from today (or a person, or a situation).
  3. I close my eyes and run my hand over the top. When I feel a tingle I stop, lower my hand, and grab the first card I see.
  4. I ponder the card, read what’s in the book (comes with the deck), and write down my thoughts in my journal.

Viola! Daily inspiration and guidance. It’s eerily accurate 🙂

Photo Credit: Mayur Gala