We are a culture that works long hard hours with very little vacation time, “me” time, down time, family time, fun time, or just plain-old time.  Most of us work hard, but resent the work we do because it is hard.  As a result we look for what’s easy and quick; quick and easy dinners, quick and easy weight-loss, quick and easy money, and quick and easy spirituality.

The problem with “quick and easy” is that it will not create a lasting or real change in your conditions. “Quick and easy” is a state of mind that lacks commitment to process and is instead focused solely on outcome (product).

Like the latest diet crazy, quick and easy spiritual development, will only yield short term and ultimately frustrating results.  No matter what, you will always wind-up exactly where you are in consciousness.  True spiritual development is all about the process of unfolding.  This is why it is often likened to the opening of a flower, you blossom in your spiritual unfolding, and each stage has its own intrinsic beauty that needs to be savored and enjoyed.

Life is process, the process of being born, living, dying, and being born again. Within the process lies the magic and the energy of life; but to feel and enjoy the magic of life you must commit to the unfolding of it.

There is no end, only peaks and valleys in the story of eternity.

Try this:  This week re-read one of your favorite spiritual books.  Notice if you “see” or intuit anything different, perhaps there are passages you don’t remember ever having read.

Photo Credit: Tim Gouw