Everyone comes to the earth with what I call, “A Spiritual Tool Box.” This tool box contains everything that you’ll ever need to navigate through your life. Your environment, your genetic makeup, your temperament, the vibration of your name and the astrological vibration of your birth date are all necessary tools for this earth journey. But the most important tool that you were given is one that you probably aren’t even aware of or use, and it is the voice of your intuition.

Your intuition is the voice of the Universe (God, Source, Soul etc…) speaking to you and speaking through you. Your intuition will guide you into wholeness, It will speed you to recovery, It will lead you into your abundance, It will find you a better relationship, It will take you by the hand into every good that you can possibly imagine. Unfortunately, we live in an environment that eschews the intuitive impulse for the surety of reason, thus most of us have put our most valuable tool for this life-time away somewhere. We have forgotten that we even have an intuition, let alone where it is or how to access it.

Your emotions as well as your physical feelings are the doorway to your intuition. The more tuned in you are to your body the more intuitive you become. Since women tend to be more in tune with their bodies than men, accessing their intuition feels more natural. For many men, the idea of accessing his feelings physical or otherwise is uncomfortable at best. However, a man who is in tune with his intuitive voice will not turn into a puddle of goo, or be dying to see “Sex in the City: The Movie,” but will be in tune with his most primal self. Male or female the key to unlocking your intuition is through the body.

Try this: When feeling stressed or challenged this week, try breathing deeply. This will lower your blood pressure and help you to feel more calm and balanced. Then (and this is the important part), ask yourself “what am I feeling, and where am I feeling it?” Between the top of your head and the seat of your pants there is a physiological sensation associated with every emotion.

At first it can be challenging to locate the epicenter of your emotion, but I promise you it’s there. Over time you’ll become very familiar with what you’re feeling and where you’ll feeling it. This practice will help you to become the intuitive whole person that you already are. Remember, you were alive before you were born. You knew that you were going to make this journey and you came prepared.


Photo Credit: Julia Caesar