Since launching my new content marketing business, I’ve become more aware of the importance of relaxation to the creative process.

I don’t mean the temporary kind of relaxation that comes with a visit to the beach; I mean a deeper kind of relaxation. The kind of relaxation that isn’t just an experience, it’s who you are.

In this article I’m going to give you 6 easy tips that will help you to relax your way into a creative breakthrough. 

It is universally true that when you are relaxed you are more creative, have more energy, and enjoy your work more.  It is also universally true that frustration is part of the creative process. That is, you need to have a block in order to have a breakthrough.

But, the more you stress and worry the further away you are from the breakthrough.  The solution: learning how to relax in-spite-of the block.

Here’s what you can do:

1. A relaxed body is a relaxed mind. When your stressed, your face and body tense up. Rather than trying to talk yourself out of being stressed, just relax your face and roll your shoulders up and back.

2. Yawn.  Yawning has two wonderful effects. First, when you are stressed you are likely to be clenching your teeth and second, you are low on energy. Yawning helps you to relax the face and it helps to bring in more oxygen and more energy.

3. Pray or say an affirmation. Much has been written on the power of prayer and affirmation to help you feel better and alleviate stress. One of my favorites is the Japanese affirmation WARE SOKU KAMI NARI, which means, “I am a divine being.”  Another favorite is, “Work is just something you do while you are here.” I love this affirmation. It deflates the ego by taking the self-importance out of working.

4. Tell yourself the truth. When you are feeling frustrated, worried, anxious, or stressed relax your shoulders and face then ask yourself, “When has being stressed, worried, anxious, or frustrated ever helped me solve my problem?”  The truth is they haven’t.  This kind of deep questioning usually stops the mind from over-processing a situation and keeping you further from the solution.

5.  Breathe and know.  If it’s true that frustration is part of the creative process, then it’s also true that the solution is just around the corner.

6. Get a cheerleader.  I once met an ultra-marathon runner.  He told me that the hardest part of a 50 mile race was mile 25; he was too far into the race to go back but still a ways from the finish line. Knowing this, his wife always made sure that she was at mile 25 to cheer him on; to give him the courage he needed to finish the race.  Sometimes you can be so deep into a project that you loose perspective. When that happens it’s good to have someone on the sidelines who knows, “You can do it!”

I’d love to hear from you 😉


Photo Credit: Dino Reichmuth