Like most people, I wake-up in the morning with a slew of information that runs through my mind.

Since I meditate in the morning, these thoughts can be a distraction if I pay to much attention to them.

Here’s what I do to improve my meditation before I meditate:  I make a to-do list in my journal.

If you have a full day ahead of you, all of the stuff you have to do will become a distraction.  In fact, the more important or urgent a task is, the more of a distraction it is going to be.

So write it all down.  The trip to Target, the client phone call, taking your car in for an oil change–put it on paper.  Then when the thought arises in your mind, simply tell yourself, “I’ve already written that down.” You will see how easy it is to refocus on the breath.

Give the important tasks in your day their due.  Write them down. Un-clutter your mind.


Making a to-do list before bed will also help you to sleep better 😉

Photo Credit: Daniel Jensen