We live in world without boundaries.

Our smart phones and computers are always “on” which means that our thinking minds are always “on” as well.

At all times of the day we are thinking about work, family, kids, politics, etc… Our thinking is compulsive, obsessive, and continuous.

Here is a simple technique to create boundaries within your own mind:

Set aside specific times in your day or week to think on certain matters.

Do you need to be thinking about next Wednesday’s lunch meeting today?  Or can you set aside time to think about it on Monday or Tuesday?  Often times, the answer is “yes” I can wait to think about that.

I use this technique for myself. In fact, I will even schedule time in my calendar to think about and prepare for certain projects.

Get your power back and give your thinking mind it’s due, then it will be less prone to nag you.

What do you think?  Will this technique work for you? Or is the problem that you just have too much to do? I’d love to hear from you 😉

Photo Credit: Kim Cafferky