I’d just read yet another report on how a young athlete was abused by her coach when it was time to take my youngest daughter to track practice. We had a conversation in the car, “Always, always listen to your intuition, even if someone is standing next to you or looking at you in a way that makes you feel ‘weird,’ don’t dismiss it!” If you’re a parent, the perils that can befall your children at any age is enough to make you sick with fear.

Thank god that I have my meditation and spiritual practices because fearful thoughts slip into my mind, but if I paid too close attention to these thoughts I wouldn’t let my children out into the world. Instead, I’d transfer my fear to them, turn them into small thinkers, and teach them how to live half-a-life. No. I love them too much, and I want them to have all the fullness that Life can bring. Unfortunately, Life will also bring them pain. It’s part of the deal, and I accept that.

How Meditation and Spiritual Practices Help

Meditation and spiritual practices help by changing your perspective. They shed a new light on all that’s happening in the world of politics, floods, terrorist attacks, and abuses to people and the planet. It helps you to see the spiritual dimension, that is causality, underneath all that’s happening, if you have the desire to look for it.

Bad things happen to spiritual and good people all the time, and what I can offer you in way of comfort is that living in spiritual truth makes you stronger and much more powerful. It doesn’t mean that you won’t sometimes feel afraid, you will. The question is do you have the guts to do the right thing, believe big, and love anyway? The world of consensus (shared) reality is always pressing against you, asking you this question, testing to see if you’ll succumb to dread and bitterness.


You have a choice to be part of the solution and live in your light or be part of the problem and stay stuck and small.

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