We live in two worlds, the world of material reality and the world of spiritual reality.

Being in the center of both worlds, consciously, is how we create balance and harmony. But too often we spend our time in one world or the other and wind up feeling cranky, angry, tired, and/or depressed.

For example, have you ever met someone who rather than dealing with a situation, like an angry boss, they do a “spiritual by-pass” and instead say things like, “Well, it’ must be my karma,” or “it’s God’s will”? In other words, they use spirituality as a way to avoid engaging in life.

Another example is getting so caught up in the daily grind of life that you forget to invite in the grace of Spirit to help guide and support you.

To maintain your energy and balance, you need to be a shaman in your life and walk in both worlds.

In this video, I tell you my favorite techniques for connecting with Spirit and the magic of the Universe each day. It’s really fun to play in the world of synchronicity. Join me and watch.