Hi There and Welcome to your “Meditation Minute.”

Today we’re going to start the process of demystifying the “bad mood.” I could literally spend an entire afternoon workshop teaching this topic, it’s so complex.

Moods aren’t like regular “acute” emotions that rise up when you’ve been cut-off in traffic or when you get an angry email from a big client. Moods, have a mind of their own.

They are movements of energy that are packed with suppressed emotions from your past.

When a bad mood strikes, it will trigger negative thoughts. The negative thoughts, then trigger more bad feelings. This loop can last for hours, days, weeks, and for some of us even longer (You may know someone who is in a perpetual bad mood).

The problem with bad moods, is that we take them for granted. We allow ourselves to feel helpless when the bad mood strikes.

In this video, I teach two techniques that will help to loosen the grip that bad moods have on you. These techniques take practice!

I won’t promise that you’ll never get one again, but you will see the light at the end of the tunnel a whole heck of a lot sooner!

Here’s to you!

*Photo credit: Photo by Ambreen Hasan on Unsplash