Welcome to the JoyCode book club. We’re still reading “Open Your Mind to Receive” by Catherine Ponder and we’ve jumped ahead to chapter 5, “Your Gift of People Consciousness,” which is all about relationships.

Relationships are a path to enlightenment. Relationships are how God/Spirit/Universe shows up for you, in other words, many of your blessings come through other people. You are meant to have healthy relationships, in fact, Spirit wants you to have healthy, happy relationships. How does that feel?

But to attract relationships into your life that feel really good requires that you change your consciousness. Catherine Ponder writes,

“You can effect changes by first changing your people consciousness: your attitudes about people. Your consciousness (thought and feeling nature) is the result of the  ideas you have held in mind. You can chage your consciusness by changing the ideas you are holding to mentally and emotionally.”

Join me. Let’s delve deeper into this chapter so you can begin attracting better relationships in your personal and professional life!