My sister didn’t tell me that they could only stay for two hours. She said, “We’ll be at dad’s at 2:30 and leaving at 4:30 because we need to be back in Corona by 6 PM.”  I thought we were getting together for dinner and so I wasn’t planning on getting to our dads until 4 or 4:30 PM.

My lower-mind started to complain. “Ugh, I’m tired of always having to rearrange my schedule based on whatever she’s got going on!” But then Spirit stepped in and showed me that my sister is doing her best to make everyone happy. She is willing to spend three hours in traffic so she could spend two hours with the family.


My lower-mind was like a dog with a bone and it wanted to complain, yap, bark, and snarl. I stopped and took a deep breath.

Spiritual Principle: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door shall be opened. Mathew 7:7

“Why does my mind want to do this?” I asked my Spirit. “Why does it always want to complain?” I became quiet, ready to receive my answer, and noticed that there was a slight surge of energy when the dog-mind was yapping and complaining.

I noticed too that the complaining is accompanied by feelings of victimization, the feeling-thought that the other person, my sister in this case, is “wrong” and I, in my superior self-righteousness, am “right.” Further, I realized that part of me that needs to be right is needy, insecure, and egoic. This awareness shamed me.

But I still wasn’t convinced. I wanted to continue recounting the litany of insults and insensitive behavior I’ve suffered at the hands of my sister. I said to Spirit, “Why should I stop complaining? I like feeling superior.  What will I get out of NOT complaining?” Calmly, Spirit said, “Peace.” And that was it.  In that moment I realized with absolute clarity that I cannot enjoy the Peace of Spirit as long as I feel the need to complain.

How Spirit Heals

Spirit heals and shows up for you in many ways. It will give you flashes of insight, guide you to the right person or community, and manifest clues for you through your dreams or in coincidences.

The key is to realize that Spirit/God/Universe/Source wants to be known. It delights in your asking.

In my case, Spirit showed up as the answer to my intention to create more inner-peace, grace, space, and ease in my life (it’s been hectic lately). Spirit showed me, through my own inner awareness, that complaining and judging were at the heart of my inner discomfort.

Notice that Spirit didn’t eliminate my discomfort for me, [1]She simply showed me the cause of my pain. It is is up to me to do something about it. Therein lies my free-will.

Connecting with Spirit so that you too can receive Her wisdom, requires silent time and faith.

One of my favorite prayers comes from Ernest Holmes:

Waiting On Thee
In waiting on Thee there is fullness of Life.
I wait on Thee, my Inner Lord; I listen for Thy voice.
I hear Thy word; I do Thy will; again I wait on Thee.
And listening, I hear Thee say: “Be perfect, be complete; live, love, be glad.”
Sit thou in the stillness and let thy Lord speak.

[1] Spirit, God, Source, Universe, He, She, It, there are so many delicious ways to speak of the Divine, and yet all of them are inadequate. Right now, I’m enjoying referring to Spirit with the feminine pronoun specifically because I have a guide, Mary, who is helping me to see the feminine face of God. Use what makes you feel comfortable.

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash