My bookshelf is stuffed with self-help books.  I have Abraham-Hicks,  Eckhart Tolle,  Byron Katie, Joel S. Goldsmith, and many more.

I love them.

Each one is like a treasure box. I wade through the first few chapters looking for the perfect sparkly object; the one that will help me be better, more connected, more loving, and of course rich.

I know I’m not alone when it comes to owning a  plethora of self-help books;  but I wonder how helpful they are.

Am I better, richer,  happier? Or do I just own a lot of books?

The answer is a little of both.

I remember the feeling of confirmation and assurance that moved through me the  first time I read “The Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle.

In fact, all of the self-help books I own are confirmation of a deep inner truth that I already know.

I read them because I like having the reassurance that if nothing else, there is another person who feels and thinks the way I do.

I imagine this is why most people scour the self-help area of the bookstore, just to be reminded.

Perhaps it would be more useful if we all took the time to write our own self-help book and dedicated it to ourselves.

Spun a yarn of our own wisdom to live by.

What do you think?


Photo Credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel