I’ve taught hundreds of women, and a few men, how to have more peace, power, and prosperity in their lives with meditation, mindful living, and spiritual modalities since 2001. But after a series of profound personal losses in 2014 that included divorce, financial instability, and the sudden death of my mother, not only was I overcome with intense grief, I was also awakened to profound loss of self, or Soul Loss. I used every spiritual resource at my disposal for my own healing.

Grief and loss took me on a journey that unlocked the door to my past. All of my regrets, my issues with my mother, lack of self-love and empathy, came roaring to the forefront of my mind. In many ways I felt as if I’d died and I was relieving the parts of my life that needed resolution or at least understanding.

Through years of meditation and personal study, I knew that every earthly problem has a spiritual solution. So, I let grief have it’s way with me, and went deeper into my personal spiritual resources. I visioned, created release ceremony’s for myself, prayed, and I moved forward knowing that all would be well. I made a lot of new mistakes too venturing through the topography of my new life. My mantra, “There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.”

Healing came in waves. I was able to come to terms with the losses in my life, retrieve the lost parts of myself, and through all the bad experiences, to find authentic self-love and compassion. At the same time, and with God’s help, I was able to create financial stability for myself and my children, a positive co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband, and find love and partnership with my “forever person” Mark. Yay!

During this very painful period I thought, “Once I get through this, I will show others how to do it too,” and so with Spirit as my guided I created JoyCode™.

JoyCode™ is a 9-step alchemical process that will help you heal the pain of Soul Loss and connect with your natural state of Joy, personal power, and prosperity. It’s possible, because I’m living it and so are my clients!

How do you know if you have Soul Loss?

  • You’re often confused about who you are and what you should be doing.
  • You lack energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.
  • You’re intensely lonely, although you may have an abundance of friends and family.
  • You often feel isolated, like no one understands you or how you’re feeling.
  • You have inexplicable bouts of anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and guilt.
  • You’ve lost your “mojo” that is, you feel like you’ve lost touch with your best self.
  • You’re anxious because you feel like you’re running out of time.
  • You’re unsure of your purpose.
  • You feel disconnected from God/Universe.
  • You can’t control your emotions OR you feel a deep sense of apathy.
  • It’s difficult for you to imagine the future.
  • You can’t set clear and decisive boundaries with friends and loved ones.
  • You have a difficult time making decisions.
  • You feel intensely uncomfortable in your own skin.
  • A looming sense that something is missing in your life, but you can’t figure out what it is.

How does Soul Loss happen?

Soul Loss occurs when you’ve had intense negative experiences and you are unable to process them when they first occurred. Instead, these experiences turn inward, into negative self talk, limiting beliefs, and self sabotaging behavior. When you have Soul Loss there is a disconnection from God/Universe, yourself, and your community/family. You are unable to enjoy quiet time with yourself and be in nature (without your phone distracting you), to form strong and lasting relationships, enjoy good health, and find meaningful work.

Often the discovery of Soul Loss happens when you’ve had a significant life event, like a birthday, divorce, empty nest, or death, wake you up to the fact that something is missing, that you’ve been wasting your time, and you want more.

How does JoyCode™ help heal Soul Loss?

Life events are alchemy to the Soul, and JoyCode™ teaches you how to consciously embrace these changes, connect with the Knower Within, and retrieve the lost parts of yourself so you experience wholeness.

There are nine steps to unlocking your Joy:

  1. Awareness that there is Soul Loss and where it may have occurred.
  2. Desire that you want to embrace change. Often this is where people remain stuck. They say they want change, but what they really want is to feel better in the dysfunctional life that they’ve created. Sorry, you can’t have both. Embrace the change, heal, and live in Joy.
  3. Visioning your success. Visioning is key to unlocking your Joy, as it helps to set a course for your journey. More importantly, when you realize your vision, it is demonstrable proof that you have the consciousness of peace, power, and prosperity!
  4. Healing the Nervous System. It is likely that your nervous system is overwhelmed. During this phase you are given personal instruction on the best meditation and mindful practices for you.
  5. Discovering your emotional map. An aspect of Soul Loss is not being able to feel and then master your emotions. Emotions are the gateway to what I call the Knower Within, that which guides this entire process. The Knower is your most authentic self and re-establishing this connection is the profound step in the soul retrieval process.
  6. Releasing Ceremony. Releasing the modes of thinking and ways of being that no longer are serving you. It’s like preparing the soil for planting. Don’t worry, the ceremony’s aren’t weird, they’re simple, profound, and fun.
  7. Creation Ceremony. Planting and watering the seed of your vision. Through ceremony you create room for the authentic self grow and flourish.
  8. Mental Emotional Release® Technique will eliminate anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt and will open the door to your experience of self-love and compassion.
  9. Accepting Joy is the final step in your journey, living in a new state of normal where and self awareness is your most natural state.

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