Throughout my life I’ve managed to create a lot of debt. When I was in my twenties, I amassed about $15,000 in debt. I didn’t own a home and I didn’t have a car payment. About $5,000 was for some dental work I needed at the time, but the rest was just stuff, lots of stuff.


At that time, I was working in sales for a Fortune 500 company and I made good money, I was living in Laguna Beach, I’d go out with friends for happy hour, but I was depressed and always felt poor. I felt poor and I thought poor thoughts.


When I was married, I fared better because my then husband took care of all the finances. I was completely and happily ignorant of our financial situation.


For thirteen years I stayed home with my children and had part-time work that included teaching meditation and marketing. So, I earned some money that I’d quickly hand over to my husband for bills. Money in, money out.


When we’d have conversations about money I always felt inept, fearful, and powerless. These conversations would usually end with me saying, “You’re good with money. I trust you.” This dynamic created a serious deficit in the marriage, but I’ll talk about that another time.


You can imagine what happened during and after the divorce. I was at a complete loss when it came to managing money, and fell back on old habits, and amassed a lot of debt.


I was aware that I had a problem and I wanted to fix it. Remember, this was also the period in my life when my mother died, and I was living with my father. So, in addition to dealing with the divorce, helping my children, grieving my mother’s passing, I had this financial albatross in the form of real debt and poverty consciousness weighing me down.


Thank God for God, thank God for all the years of study, prayer, and meditation. I believed (and still do) in the power of mind over matter, in the Law of Attraction, in my spiritual support system, in the fact that the Universe is kind, loving, and supportive, and so I put all my energy into utilizing these spiritual tools to save myself.


The Big Realization About Manifesting Money

Clearly, I had a serious blind spot when it came to avoiding debt. I’d make a dent in my credit card debit only to charge more. It was a crazy cycle. Then one day, I’m speaking with a friend who works for a very wealthy man. She tells me that he and his family don’t have any cash, that they’re living paycheck to paycheck, that they are on the verge of losing everything. His situation sounded eerily like mine except for the sheer amount of cash needed to support his lifestyle versus mine.


…and that’s when I got it. My problem wasn’t that I needed more money, indeed, I made a lot of money and I’ve helped my JoyCode™ clients and marketing clients make lots of money as well. Money wasn’t my problem. Wealth creation was my problem. I had a habit of creating debt instead of creating and sustaining wealth. I created situations that always reinforced poverty consciousness and the belief that I wasn’t good with money.


Have you ever had that experience where you’re looking for your keys and then you realize that they are in your hand? The answer I was looking for was in my hands. I have a client who is a self-made millionaire and I’ve been editing her manual for wealth creation. I’ve read it over and over again. In fact, I’ve been working with her for nearly six years. Now, when I read her work, I get it. The Universe in Its infinite wisdom has been putting the information I needed to help myself in my hands for years. Again, thank God for God.

Do This….

It still amazes me how a slight shift in perspective will completely change your inner world and your external experiences. I was asking for more money, and I’d get it, but my debt never decreased much, and sometimes it only increased. When I realized that I needed the consciousness of wealth that’s when the money and the opportunities to manage my money better, without depriving myself (very important in healing poverty consciousness), started to FLOW.


Here’s what I did and if this resonates with you, what you should consider doing too:

1. Visualization:
I imagined a lot of money coming into my checking account and I imagined paying off all my bills. Nothing new, I know you do your visualizations as well. However, then I imagined that the money kept coming in, six figures every month into my checking account. What I quickly realized is that I’d only ever imagined having just enough pay my bills, get a new house, new shoes, whatever, but not too much more. I also realized that I had no idea what to do with the extra cash. How to invest it, or where to put it. So, in my visualizations I started managing the money. Opening accounts, buying income property, donating, helping my family, etc..


2. Creating Room for More: This was a revelation because as soon as I started to see beyond my immediate needs, I created space for the Universe to GIFT ITSELF TO ME. Imagine that you’re thirsty and so you pray for rain. The rain comes but you only have a glass. You fill your glass and then you’re thirsty again. So, you ask again, the rains come, and your cup is filled. Then it occurs to you to build a basin to catch and store more water. Water that you can share with others, water that you can use to quench your thirst for days on end, water to use to grow crops, and so on. The Universe will always provide what you’re asking for but if you only have a cup available, then that’s all you’ll receive.


3. Stop Asking for Things: A fundamental law of the Universe is that things will come and go. Everything changes, your body, your circumstances, your relationships, the wellbeing of your home, i.e., one day your house is fine, the next it’s infested with termites and you need to replace the roof.

For the mind/self to be at peace it needs to feel safe. Permanency provides a safety, but you will only find that permanency in Consciousness. So, my friend, pray for the consciousness of wealth that way when the market fluctuates, or your bank account is hacked, you have the consciousness that can produce more.


4. Change Your Crew: This one can be challenging, but you will need to find people who have the consciousness you wish to cultivate and study them. Study their language and habits. Allow yourself to be uplifted by the consciousness of plenty in the people who surround yourself with.


What I had was poverty consciousness, that is, the consciousness of now, but not like harnessing the Power of Now. Poverty consciousness operates out of this fear, you should spend all you have now because you may not have it tomorrow. Poverty consciousness operates on wishful thinking, “I’ll just play the lottery,” and lives in a deep state of denial.

Poverty consciousness is afraid of deprivation and being deprived.

Poverty consciousness wants instant gratification, whereas wealth consciousness has a larger world view, it understands how wealth is made, and is willing to be satisfied now with the expectation of greater things to come.

The irony of poverty consciousness is that the belief of forgoing certain luxuries now makes you feel poor, but in reality, the over indulgence today is creating long-term debt.

Today, the only debt I have is a car loan. And I’m writing this post as a kind of confession, as a way of maintaining my accountability, to myself, the Spirit of Life who has been so kind to me, and to my children.


Both of my girls are going to college, and there are a lot of things I want to do for myself, my business, my community, and my future. The old way of earning and spending created a lot of suffering and so I’ve put new systems in place to help me stay solvent and to continue to build on the prosperity that Spirit and I have created so far.


Yes, I have my visioning board, my spiritual team of angels and master guides, and I have my earthly team in place to help me. Take your visioning beyond just what’s needed. Go beyond and build your basin with confidence that the rains will come.