Have you ever met a person who is bitter or full of resentment? Maybe he or she is bitter about the way their life turned out, bitter with a corrupt society, resentful because they didn’t get the advantages they felt they deserved, the list can go on and on.

While working with a client earlier this week, Spirit showed me what happens to the cells of the body when the person is filled with bitterness and resentment from the past.

Basically, this emotion is toxic. It seeps into the cells of the body causing premature aging and withering the individual spirit. It also changes the structure of the brain. Unaddressed bitterness and resentment is a dis-ease of the human body and spirit.

As you know, I believe that there is wisdom and guidance within your emotional body, but that wisdom can only be accessed when YOU the conscious being is Present. If you carry a lot of bitterness and resentment with you, then this is your wisdom call to wake up!

Why Focusing on Forgiveness Doesn’t Work to Heal Bitterness

If you feel that you have been wronged by a person or situation from your past, then focusing on forgiveness can actually cause more mental stress and strain because it is out of alignment with your integrity, that is, if you truly believe that you have been seriously wronged.

In other words, your mind will fight you.

The energy of forgiveness is beautiful, but what you need is to direct that energy inward, and ask the Knower Within You for help. Bitterness isn’t something that you can just let go of without the intervention of the Spirit within.

The practice is to ask for the burden of the bitterness to be transformed. When you do this, you may receive guidance that includes, journaling or spending more time in nature and in meditation. The key is to let go of the circumstance and/or person that you believe is the cause of your bitterness and turn the energy of forgiveness towards yourself.  The forgiveness of the person or situation will come naturally as a consequence of a profound change within you.

I promise if you do this practice, sincerely and earnestly going to the Spirit within you for guidance and comfort, the release that you seek will happen. It is the Law.

From Prayer, by Ernest Holmes:


The Inner Mind is still.

The Soul reflects the Most High.

The Spirit of man is God.

In the great calm of the All Good,

I rest in peace and security.

My life is now reflecting the Perfect Whole.

I am Peace; I am calm.

I am security and complete satisfaction.

I am One with God.

 I am filled with peace.