Hello Beautiful,

I wanted to share with you a healing meditation for ourselves and also for the world.

With so much going on right now, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the planetary energy and the emotionally imbalanced from the outpouring of grief, sadness, anger, and fear.

You may also be feeling angry and confused…and that’s all okay.

I remember one of the worst days of my life was when I received a phone call from the hospital that there has been an accident involving my mother. A week later she was gone.

Anytime you receive unexpected and devastating news, like the death of a loved one or an unexpected diagnosis, loss of a job, or your spouse files for a divorce, can be emotionally devastating in the moment.

You may even questions whether or not we live in a Universe that is loving, good, and kind.

I like to do these healing meditations because I know that the Universe does love you and me too, and through directing my energy consciously I can connect with that love energy.

I want you to know too, that God moved heaven and earth for you to be on this beautiful planet. Think of all the things that had to happen from the beginning of time for you to be born. You are no accident. You are a miracle. You born from love and light.

You are the one that the world has been waiting for, you are the one that you’ve been waiting for!

With this meditation, you can send loving healing energy to your friends and to the people that you know needs it the most.



Photo by Josh Adamski on Unsplash