Spirit was speaking to us today! Oh yes.

Narcissism and being in toxic relationships with narcissistic people at home and at work is on everyone’s mind. Narcissism is indeed part of the national conversation, but it is also a very personal issue.

Intelligent men and women find themselves in these kinds of relationships, and they can be very difficult to leave and heal from. Partly because the relationship undermines your sense of self and self-worth. These relationships cause you to question your feelings, thoughts, even your own eyes!

The real problem is that this kind of relationship prevents you from experiencing true love and intimacy. One of the hallmarks of being with a narcissistic person is their lack of empathy. Anyone who is unable to empathize is also unable to connect emotionally. Unless there is a profound spiritual awakening in the other person, he or she will not change. So you are wasting your precious time being with someone with whom you cannot be in a true relationship with.

Spirit is asking you to turn your intelligence and love inward so that you can see the Power and Beauty that is already within you. I know it’s difficult, but when you do this, real love, intimacy, and fulfilling relationship will be there for you. Watch today’s video for  a prayerful meditation on Creating Conscious Relationships and Healing from Narcissistic Relationships.

Sending you oodles of love!

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash