There’s a lot of fear around ageing in our country. We are youth obsessed, and tend to marginalize older people as trivial or worse “cute.” Indeed, the older you get the less relevant you are in Western Society, so it’s no wonder there is a lot of fear around the issue of ageing, changing, and yes, dying.

When I spoke with Spirit about this issue, I was shown an infant. At some point the infant moves into toddler-hood, and from being a toddler to becoming a child, to becoming a teen, and so on. Each stage, says Spirit, is a change that one cannot return too in his or her current form (that is, you can’t go backwards), and yet here you are, alive, well, living and learning. The Life that you are, the Life that animates the body is the one that is moving through these changes.

When you do your spiritual practices regularly you enhance what’s called the Spiritual Body. The Spiritual Body is the one that moves from one stage to another, including the stage after the physical body ceases to be a suitable vehicle for the Soul, (actually the body doesn’t die either, if left alone it would change, decompose, and nourish other life forms. The world is beautifully harmonious from this perspective).

If you are fearful of ageing, changing, and dying, then your Spiritual Body is screaming for your attention. You are an eternal being, no matter what the body has gone through. You have moved from the state of infancy to a state of adulthood, and you’ll continue to move through a variety of states. It’s never ending. Isn’t that exciting?!

During our morning prayer on Facebook Live we spent time healing this issue. You can watch it below.

Photo by Sam Austin on Unsplash