I don’t want to frighten you but there’s something that you should know about fear; fear is an entity, much like a parasite that feeds on more fear, your fear, my fear, the nation’s fear.

The problem with psychological fear, (not the healthy fight-or-flight response you’d naturally feel when you are in bodily danger) is that it often turns into anger and from anger, it turns into unconscious actions that wound the spirit.

The more lost you are in the fear, the more likely you are to use your creative imagination to “see” terrible outcomes thus feeding the fear. The more you feed the fear, the less power you have to heal the fear. It is the simple Law of Creation.

For example, let’s say you’re watching the local news which broadcasts a report that there’s been 3 murders in your area in the past 12 months. Rather than informing you, this information terrifies you. You imagine the murderer following you to your car after a night out, you feel afraid and powerless, so you decide to cancel your night out with friends, and instead spend a restless night at home. The next day, you turn on the news and there was another incident in a neighboring city which validates your decision to stay home.

Fear has won the day, and because it has won it will not leave you alone. In this example, you’d find another reason to stay home, and another. Maybe an opportunity comes up for you to travel somewhere marvelous but because you’ve given in to fear so many times, you pass.

In the extreme fear turns to anger, and the anger turns into misguided actions that sometimes result in arguments, accidental shootings, mob mentality, and so on.

Fear is the reason that the United States is currently participating in a terrible human rights abuse of children, namely the separation of children (including toddlers) from their parents along our southern border.  This tactic of separation has been used throughout our history to humiliate and control populations of people including African slaves, Native Americans, migrants, and others.

Personally, I don’t believe that there’s any such thing as a “bad person,” because I know that the Divine dwells in and through all. What I also know is that the energy of fear can pervert a person’s perceptions to the point where he or she is completely lost to him or herself.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes, “We know the cure [for our fear]. God help us achieve it! Love casts out fear…yes, a deep abiding commitment to the way of love.”

Love mixed with a hope-filled imagination starves fear and eliminates its offspring’s… self-loathing, power-mongering, hatred, jealousy, and envy.

Love illuminates life and along with your imagination, you create the means for Love to manifest Itself in your personal life and on the planet.

This kind of love isn’t “woo-woo” sentimental, it is the Love that sees the truth of every human being and calls them home to themselves.

Love’s mantra is this, “I see you! I see the Divine in you. I see your spirit. I see the fear too and know in time that your Divine Consciousness will have Its way with you and cast fear out. I see you, loving yourself to such an extent that you can no longer cause harm to yourself or others. I see you and I KNOW THE TRUTH of your being.”

It is through the acknowledgement of the other person’s Divinity that we love each other. And through our own capacity to use this God-given inner sight and declare your word of power does fear bow down to All Goodness of the Spirit Within YOU.