Hello My Beautiful Friend! Spirit has a theme for us. First we started with Day 11 “Finding the Gift in the Wound,” then moved on to Day 12, “Strength in our Vulnerability, ” and now Day 13 will blow your mind, “Healing Inner and Outer Conflicts.”

Today we honor our journey and give thanks and praise to the Wise Woman within.

Oh yes! What you focus on multiplies! It is the Law of of Attraction. So, when you focus upon the Wisdom Woman within, you bring her gifts forward into your life. It’s time my darling for you to walk in grace and power as you were meant to. You are a daughter of the Most High, held and loved by the Angels, and so on…you know I can get going. Anyway, meditate with me! Then join me in October for two amazing events

The beautiful image is from the “Journey of Love” Oracle Cards and Guidebook. You can find them here.