Good Vibrations

How does the material world exist if the fundamental building blocks of matter have no mass?  And what does this have to do with meditation, visualization, and your wellbeing?

Your body and everything else in the universe may look solid; but all matter is made up of particles, particles that have no mass.  Science has yet to quantify exactly what this is all about, but the mystic and the metaphysician will tell you that the fundamental building blocks of life is Source energy…moving, oscillating, vibrating, living energy. You are Source energy in a beautiful and unique form.

You direct this energy with your thinking and with your feeling.  That is, you have a free will to do whatever you want with this energy.  If, for example, you direct your thoughts towards something that makes you feel sad, disappointed, or resentful, the vibratory nature of your being slows down and you feel drained, tired, or depressed.  Why?  Because your sense of wellbeing is directly related to the quality your thinking, and your thoughts direct the vibration and flow of your energy.

How do you think a persistent low vibration affects your body, your relationships, and your environment?  How does it feel to you when you are in the presence of someone with a low vibration and a negative outlook on life?  Haven’t you ever walked into a room and felt the tension or the joy?  You are sensing, feeling, and living in vibration, energy, and frequency (the rate of vibration) all of the time.

When your happy, compassionate, and peace-filled thoughts are coupled with your good feelings, your vibration raises. Friends ask if you’ve done something different with your hair, you hit all the green lights on the way to work, the barista at Starbucks gives you extra whipped cream on you mocha frappaccinno.  Over time a high vibration will banish the old nagging thoughts, the friends you love to hate disappear, your relationships and your overall life situation becomes more balanced because you are more balanced.  When your vibration is high, the subsequent positive flow of energy influences your family, your community, and positive social changes world wide.

Not convinced?  Then pay attention to your thinking and your feeling for the next three days.  Notice how one thought leads into another.  Notice how your thinking and feeling affects the people around you.  Notice how the mind takes over when something displeasing happens (which causes you to continue to turn the event around in your mind for hours or even days).  Notice how this all makes you feel.

If however you are convinced, then try this:

Every morning while still in your bed, imagine a path.  This path represents the day ahead of you.  Imagine that this path is straight and clear and stretches all the way into the horizon.  With the image of the path in your minds eye say to yourself aloud or silently, “The Spirit goes before me on my path and makes the way clear, all is well, all is well.”  Repeat this statement, holding the image of the clear path in your minds eye, until you feel the truth of your words, and recall it during the day when you find yourself being influenced by someone else’s low vibration.


Photo Credit: Stefan Kunze