We all have situations that undermine our self-confidence.

It could be a relationship with a family member or spouse, it could be issues with money, or maybe you’re angry with your body. Whatever it is, Spirit wants you to know that the “situation” can be transformed into a point of power for you.

And power is an important energy for a woman.

To feel and be powerful in your own life means to have the freedom to be who you want to be. That is, not just someone’s mother, daughter, sister, or lover, but a uniquely made individual. And to express that individualism as you see fit.

That doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job and living in a van. Spirit is asking you to think about whether you are living your highest version of your life.

Today’s message and prayer is all about re-framing the situation that is causing you to feel dis-empowered, and stepping into your own version of what it means to be a Power-filled, conscious, and conscientious woman.

Are you ready, Soul Sister?

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash