The streets of Bali were crowded but kind. Noisy and filled to bursting with tourists, locals, taxi drivers, stray dogs, and helmet-less old women, grandchildren in tow, whizzing by on mopeds. Colorful people ducked in and out of the stone temples that lined the avenues. Statues of deities were adorned with clothing and leis; libations of flowers and food left at their stone feet and near every open doorway.

Now I’m home and the news, the cries, the dysfunction hurled in every direction left me feeling overwhelmed, my senses assaulted, my humanity wounded. And the earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption that happened on the heels of my leaving Indonesia brought me back to the reality that there is no place to hide. The world is small and it creeps into every inch threatening to crowd out everything else. So I asked Spirit, “How do we find peace in a world that is crazy and unkind?”

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