The first time I heard about an aura was in my Mythology 101 class in college. My brilliant and unorthodox professor would often share stories with us about his spiritual teacher, Ed, yep, Ed.

Your aura is the subtle energy field that emanates from your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body. Ed told him that people had to be very careful to treat their aura’s well, because holes or tears will result in the loss of energy at best and at worst a loss of consciousness upon death.

He said you get holes in your aura from drinking alcohol, smoking, being around toxic people, and engaging in behavior that is harmful to the body/mind/spirit. (My professor also told us that Ed was sixty years old for the thirty years he’d known him, and that he could literally be in several different places at a time. It was a fun class.)

I don’t believe that it’s necessary to live like a monk to have a clean aura, but when you live a busy hectic life and don’t take care of it, you will feel run down, overwhelmed, and more susceptible to other people’s thoughts and emotions (you know, energy vampires) and well as your own negative thoughts and emotions.

Just like cleaning your physical body, vacuuming your home, and doing the dishes, your aura too needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Here are four ways to keep your energy up and your aura squeaky clean:

1. Dissolve about ¼ of a cup of sea salt in a cup of water and when you’re in the shower pour it over your head. An Epsom salt bath is even better, but if you’re in a drought area like California, then the cup of sea salt water will do. Sea salt and Epsom salt neutralizes the negativity and has many healing qualities. (citation)

2. Smudge yourself with sage. You can buy sage online or at other stores. To do it, you will need a fireproof bowl or plate, a bundle of sage, and a lighter. All you have to do is light the end of the sage stick, BLOW OUT THE FLAME, and when it smokes you hold it over the bowl and with the bowl and sage you move it around you. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can find a few videos on YouTube. It should only take you a minute or so.

3. Imagine a beautiful white light coming into the aura and clearing it, and sealing off any holes and tears. You can do this while standing in the shower or include it in your meditation practice.

4. Pray. Ask your angels, guides, Source, All That IS, Universe, etc… to clean and seal your aura.

It’s very important to do this before and after going into a difficult situation, like a combative workplace or a family members home where you feel unwelcomed tension.


Photo Credits: Marcelo Quinan