Do you feel drained or “foggy-brained” after speaking to a needy co-worker, an angry client, or a know-it-all friend?

You can’t change people, or quit your job, and you’ve known your friend since fifth grade. So what can you do?

Perhaps your energy is being drained because of your conscious or unconscious resistance to their persistent and seemingly negative behavior.

Getting defensive, rolling your eyes, crossing your arms, or complaining are all resistant behaviors that are like pressing up against a brick wall. Do it long enough and you will exhaust yourself.

The good news is there is something you can do that will let you keep your relationships intact and preserve your energy.

Try this:
1. Be Aware. Awareness is your best tool when dealing with any challenging situation. With awareness you have a choice and an opportunity to react mindfully and on purpose.

2. When you are with someone or in a situation that you know is potentially draining…relax your face, shoulders, and hands. Confrontation creates tension and tension drains the body/mind of energy. Conscious relaxation also helps to take your attention away from the draining situation and into the refuge of the body giving you a sense of space around the situation.

3. Imagine yourself in a safe, energizing, and beautiful ball of golden light. This may sound silly, but it is a highly effective technique that I have used and taught to my students for years.

This is a consciousness building exercise that really works.

Stop fighting, relax, and take good care of yourself.

Photo Credit: Caleb Ekeroth