Over the years I have learned that the ultimate stress reliever is practicing faith.  We are stressed because we can not forgive the past and we are stressed because we are worried about the future.  We lack faith. Faith in what?  Faith in yourself, and faith that life is gorgeous and good and that It is on everyone’s side.
Meditation teachers often talk about, “practicing presence” or “practicing mindfulness.”  The practice of presence or mindfulness means to practice faith.  How can we practice presence, being here now, being in the present moment if we don’t have faith that life will take care of Itself? 
Faith is not a set of beliefs, faith is knowing, and the only way we come into this sense of “knowing” is through practicing faith. We practice faith by affirming always that there is more to us than any given situation.  We study, we walk, we contemplate, we smile, we breathe, we meditate, we cry, we give, this is our practice.
Faith is not for God/Source/Universe/Spirit/Whatever, the practice of faith is for us. We practice faith so that we will come into a remembrance of our divine natures, thereby healing everything. 
If you are unhappy or stressed ask yourself, “Where is my faith? Is my faith a set of out dated beliefs?  Is my faith in villainy and negativity stronger than my faith in Spirit?”  Ask yourself these questions, and wait for the answers to bubble up from within you.
My wish for you is that you find and express joy.
With Love,

Photo Credit: Hanny Naibaho