I’m so excited about this new series, where we will explore the feminine face of the Divine through prayer.

I recently met a new guide, Mary, who has been instructing me on my spiritual path. Mary is lovely, in my minds eye she is tall and wears an opulent gold dress and veil. She is dazzling.

Anyway, Mary has pointed out to me that my primary reference point when addressing the Divine has been from the male perspective, that is, “He.” She suggests that I try looking for the feminine face of God/Source/Universe. Which I thought was a lovely idea.

Since then, I’ve been referring to the Divine as “She” or “Her.” Not that I think the Divine is solely one or the other, but it’s wonderful to recognize and challenge old cultural conditioning that keeps us stuck in a box. In any case, I thought it would be fun to explore this aspect of Spirit together. Will you  join me?