Hold the cup in your hands.  Feel how its warmth radiates in your palms and fingers.  Inhale.  Feel the steam.  Inhale again and follow its scent.  Can you taste the coffee on the back of your palette when you inhale deeply?   Slowly sip your coffee, taste it, and follow the smooth warm liquid.  Can you feel it in your chest?  Can you feel it in your stomach? Inhale deeply and take another moment to give thanks for the earth, sun, and rain.  Give thanks for the growers, harvesters, and truck drivers.  Imagine all the people that were involved in bringing you your one cup of coffee.  Give thanks.  Feel blessed.  The Folger’s Coffee commercial is right, this is a great way to start your day.

Shanti, Shalom, Peace

Photo Credit: Elijah Hiett